• Friends of Western Promenade was officially incorporated in the State of Maine in April, 2018.

  • An application for 501(c)(3) non-profit status was filed with the IRS in July, 2018.  Review and approval are pending.

  • Collaborated with the City of Portland Historic Preservation Office to secure a grant to help underwrite the preparation of a Master Plan for the Western Promenade.  The City of Portland, with assistance from FoWP, is working to secure a landscape architect to do the work.  The process will include the solicitation of public input.


  • Western Prom Master Plan Public Meeting, Wednesday 6/26/19 from 6-7:30 pm, Second floor Community Room at Reiche School.

    Join the Department of Parks, Recreation and Facilities, along with the Friends of Western Prom, Portland Office of Historic Preservation, and KZLA Landscape Architecture to discuss the upcoming Master Plan for the Western Prom. There will be a short presentation on the Master Plan process, and time for public input on what the community would like to see in this historic park. The meeting will take place in the Community Room (upstairs) at Reiche School and Community Center. This is the second of multiple public meetings concerning the Western Prom Masterplan.

  • Initial Masterplanning Process Presentation

    On April 24th, The City of Portland, along with KZLA (landscape architect) and Friends of Western Promenade, hosted a public meeting to provide information on the master planning process and to solicit input from the community on park improvements.  The meeting was well attended and a number of suggestions were taken from the public. These included an extensive discussion of the possibility of a play area on the southern end of the upper prom as well as the potential enhancement of the prom’s trail system, among other topics.

    The following link will take you to a presentation from this meeting: http://www.portlandmaine.gov/2448/Western-Promenade-Master-Plan.